SWAC Linux

This is a series of customized Linux Systems built since 2001, at first around kernel 2.4 and later 2.6, running from CF cards on industrial Computers. The systems are binary-optimized for AMD Geode GX/LX, Intel Atom and Via C7 Hardware and include optimized code as well as special drivers for the different chipsets and peripherals used by SWAC Hardware. The Linux and basic toolset take between 32-90 MB depending on the system, and include a Busybox Unix toolset, a Webbrowser, VNC/FTP/SSH and Telnet Servers, a NTP Client and some GUI-based tools to communicate with the outside world. The System is on a read-only compressed partition and is able to take 'Snapshots' of the changes applied by the user as well as revert back to it's original state. Stability is further increased by mounting all writable partitions in read-only mode during normal operation.
Everything is GUI-based and built for users with no Linux/Unix knowledge at all. Shell-based tools are also provided for the more proficient users. The GUI is either based on QT/Embedded running on Framebuffer or on QT3/QT4 for X11 and the Matchbox Window Manager.
In addition to the CF-based variants, a USB-Stick based solution was built to allow the user to boot directly from stick. The USB-Stick includes 'SWAC Rescue', a tool to take a Snapshot of the whole CF-Card, thus enabling the user to clone the system.