SWAC Rescue Stick

The SWAC Rescue Stick is a Linux System embedded on a USB Stick which can be used to create a snapshot of the CF-Cards inside SWAC devices. The CF-Cards act as the harddisk in embedded SWAC Linux devices, so creating an identical image from the disk effectively allowes to clone a system.
While all SWAC Linux systems of the second generation contain an internal backup/restore application which does exactly the same, the USB-Stick is independent from the CF Card. That means a snapshot can be restored to a device even if the CF-card is empty. It is therefore virtually impossible to lose a system's configuration even if the CF Card breaks, given that a snapshot was taken before.
The USB Stick automatically scans the device and configures itself to the correct hardware configuration (resolution, touchscreen driver etc). The stick contains the SWAC Rescue application which takes the snapshots and stores a 'system checksum' together with the snapshot. The system checksum describes the hardware from which the snapshot was taken. Before restoring a snapshot this information is compared with the hardware found, allowing the system to warn the user if the hardwares of the image's system and the current system differ too much (different Touchscreen, CPU, Harddisk controller, etc).